circus airport snowing

It's been awhile. I lost my memory due to a car crash and kind of forgot who I was for about eight years. Anyway, that's a story for another post. I wanted to share what sort of magical day I had with you all.

Here's the music you should listen to while you read this post:

First, I went to a friend's house to watch his Shopbot make cool stuff. I've seen tons of videos online of these, but never one in real life. Pretty cool stuff. Reminds me of watching glassblowers blow glass back in the day. Mesmerizing.

Last night though... Jackhammers next door going ALL DAMNED NIGHT. The circus has come to town. Cirque Italia has setup shop in the mall parking lot next door, and with that brings generators, and jackhammers. There is a never ending vibration going on in my apartment that's going to drive me nuts over the next week.

I traveled next door to get pictures in the windy night. It was about 11pm on the 29th, and there were just two guys setting up the big top. Nobody seemed to care I was there. I wasn't doing any harm :)

It was pretty windy, and VERY noisy, but I had my headphones on playing the music I posted at the beginning of this post. You should probably keep this video on mute.

It started snowing earlier at my friend's workshop. His place backs up to a beautiful open space that overlooks the Flat Irons. I could see the snow settling in when I had my lingonberry crepes at IHOP earlier. Here's a moment of what that looked like.

I came home and slept for almost eight hours. Now it's 1am and I'm wide awake! Whoops. It's snowing its ass off outside, and there's this magical circus next door. It's all a little surreal, to be honest :) but that's alright. I really dig it. I'll leave you with some video of October snow.

It feels so good to be back :)


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