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On or about September 10th, I had a nervous breakdown. Now, I'm not going to name names but this was the direct result of a new member of our team at work. Their lack of knowledge about depression, anxiety, and ADHD set off a cascading failure of epic proportions just a month before my wedding.

Perhaps you knew that these particular illnesses were part of who I am. Maybe you didn't. Part of the "problem" with speaking to the majority of your people base in text, is that emotion seldom comes across. I like to keep my medical problems to myself, as so many of you have far worse maladies than me. Some of you are blind,  deaf, have MS, Chrohns, Fibromyalgia, or any other number of awful things I would never wish upon a person.

Much to my surprise (not really, because you all are awesome), I received such an outpouring of support from so many of you that I simply could not ignore the fact that you are indeed my extended internet family. You helped me through the roughest patch of my life I've ever EVER had to deal with. I'd like to personally thank you for this.

As of the end of January 2011, I am no longer an employee of Comcast. I can not legally answer any Comcast questions or represent the company as ComcastBonnie. If you need further explanation beyond that, I would suggest contacting their legal department. This departure has left many open-ended questions as to how to deal with social media personnel that no longer work for an establishment. Right now is not the time for me to go in depth about how things should be handled at a corporate level, and maybe I will eventually… but not now.

As for this blog post, consider it the first in a series of events that occurred between then and now. A lot has happened, and you are entitled to hear what's up. I value your relationships be them business or personal, and want to continue our time together in this vast space we call the internet.

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  1. I hope things are going better for you now. You were an extremely competent employee, so those guys are definitely going to feel the loss! I look forward to many @Bonniezilla tweets :)


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